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An amazing dream surrounds me
I am walking along releasing birds
everything I touch is within me
and I have lost all limitations
Jean Tardieu, 1943

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copper, brass, nickel, vitreous enamel
7.4 x 8.1 x 2.2cm

The inner-what is it?
If not the intensified sky,
hurled through with birds
and deep with
the winds of homecoming

We want a healing, a remedy that will heal the wound between us and the world that contains our broken histories.
-Linda Hogan

I believe that the story of Icarus is a story of how to heal the world. It is the story of following a true path, of the heart and soul. It is the story of how old selves must die as this path is followed. It is the story of how very painful and difficult this process is, both for the person undertaking it, as well as for the circle of family, friends and acquaintances in their orbit. Nobody recognizes you any longer, including yourself. Perhaps this is why so few commence this journey.

Icarus detail copy.jpg
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Please enjoy this video of the mechanical action: