What an extraordinary time we live in! A world of wonders surrounds us, yet so often we are blind to them, with our daily rush to survive in this consumer society. Something as simple as this is astounding: that each morning the sun rises, a golden miracle, and each evening the sun sets. Living on this earth, we are a part of something infinite and marvelous that needs protecting, and because this knowledge is woven into the fiber of my being, each jewel that I craft celebrates this uniquely. I think of my work as talismans for a beautiful life that reflect the profound sacredness of every breath we take.

You will see the marks left by the tools in my hand, and I am proud of that. The precious metal that I use the most is recycled, and my power source is solar. This is not a business decision, it is a respect for life decision. Instead of donating a percentage of my sales to a charity, which is certainly a worthy choice,  I hang out my laundry to dry in the sun. I am learning how to do things the long, slow, earth-friendly way. The water I drink and use on a daily basis comes from the sky when it rains and is collected in a cistern below my floor. I wash my dishes by hand and water my herbs with the dishwater.  My husband I built our house with materials that were destined for the dumpster.

I support a paradigm of respect for the earth, a re-imagining of global priorities that protects and celebrates the diversity of life in all of its forms, where enough is more, where there is trust and love.

This is the life that I live, the path that I seek, and this is the simple gift that I give to you through my work. Thank you so much for your support of my studio art!