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                                      Within each of us there is a silence – a silence as vast
                                as the universe. We are afraid of it . . . and we long for it. 
                              When we experience that silence, we remember who we are:
                                  creatures of the stars, created from the birth of galaxies,
                            created from the cooling of this planet, created from dust and
                             gas, created from the elements,
                                                            created from time and space . . .
                                                            created from silence.      
                                                                                                 – Gunilla Norris



Interbeing: Toy for a new paradigm
silver, bronze, brass

You must look closely to see this caveman's mouth moving quietly when you turn the crank; what is he saying to you? 

Were there connections back then to the natural world that we have since lost to modern civilization?  Can we find them again? Do you think we need to?


Watch carefully as I turn the crank in the video above to see what happens.