A contribution to the MAD Ball Gala auction

Artsy presents MAD Ball: Benefit Auction 2019.

The Museum of Arts and Design’s most anticipated event of the year, MAD Ball takes place on November 4th at Cipriani 42nd Street. The Haas Brothers will be honored at the art-filled event. Funds raised at MAD Ball, including the proceeds from this auction, help to fund the museum’s education and public programs, which serve tens of thousands of children, youth and families each year, many from underserved neighborhoods and schools.
To bid on a piece in this fascinating array of contemporary artworks, including an enameled collar of mine, follow this link: https://www.artsy.net/auction/mad-ball-benefit-auction-2019

Preliminary online bidding closes on Monday, November 4th at 4:00pm ET.

Kim Nogueira
In Search of the Found
Kim Nogueira
Under Fire 2 national enameling exhibition at the Krikorian Gallery in Worcester, MA

It’s an honor for me to share 3 pieces in this wide-ranging show, taking place in the state where I grew up : my East of Hercules bracelet, Mysterium ring and Talisman box. A catalogue of this exhibition can be purchased here:

Kim Nogueira
the magic of Galerie LA Joaillerie par Mazlo

A visit to France was a trip my husband and I had intended to do for years now, as we have close friends in Anglet. With the arrival of 3 of my automata to Robert Mazlo’s extraordinary Paris gallery for the exhibition le genie des images, curated by the passionate and thoughtful Celine Robin, my husband decided that now was the perfect time. I highly recommend a visit to this gallery if you are ever in Paris, as it encourages an opening of vision and an exposure to carefully curated wearable art jewelry.

Here is the printed leaflet for the exhibition:

Kim Nogueira
le genie des images at Galerie LA Joaillerie Par Mazlo
Kim Nogueira automata at Galerie par Mazlo.jpg

Organized by gallery LA Joaillerie par Mazlo and ARKETIP association, le génie des images brings together the works of contemporary art jewelers and the protean universe of artist Coco Fronsac. All of them do share a common practice of assemblage to support their essentially figurative and narrative artistic approach. In this respect, they place the use of photographs or elements borrowed from ancient imagery at the center of their experiments.

Curated by Celine Robin

artist list:

Zoe Arnold, Anne Dinan, Coco Fronsac, Carla Garcia Durlan, Robin Kranitzky, Claire Lavendhomme, Natalia Lubienecka, Peter Machata, Jana Machatova, Iris Nieuwenburg, Kimberly Nogueira, Kim Overstreet, Barbara Paganin, Ramon Puig Cuyas, Katherine Richmond, Chiara Scarpitti, Bettina Speckner, Fatima Tocornal, Silvia Walz

Kim Nogueira
Having the honor to share a piece in the Ima-kara Mame-sara Metalworks Exhibition in Kyoto, Japan

In Japan, there is a love of the characteristic aesthetic beauty of small objects. Within this area is the mame-sara: a bean-plate that fits snugly into the palm of one’s hand. For Japanese people, this charming small dish is an art form that can be appreciated and enjoyed using in daily life. In the mame-sara there exists an artform which expresses the magnificence of the world. The Ima-kara Mame-sara metalworks exhibition is an opportunity to touch upon the worlds of the artists involved in the creation of the metal mame-sara.

At Seikado, we invite both young artists studying metalwork and professionals actively engaged at the forefront of the field, regardless of nationality, status, achievements, and technique, to exhibit their work under one roof in the Ima-kara Mame-sara metalworks exhibition (running annually from 2012). Furthermore, it is hoped that the experience will deepen connections with society and be beneficial to those with aspirations of making a living as artists through the sale and valuation of their work.


Kim Nogueira
My Kissing Rings shown at the Tieton Arts and Humanities 10 x 10 x 10 exhibition in Washington state

The 9th annual 10x10x10xTieton juried exhibition invites artists from all over the world to create work no larger than 10 inches in any dimension, no media restrictions. The result? A wide-ranging exhibition that includes sculpture, painting, photography, book art, 3D printed objects, found objects, collage, jewelry, and everything in between.

Jurors Sean Elwood, former Director of Programs & Initiatives at the Creative Capital Foundation in New York, and Monica Miller, Executive Director of Gallery One Visual Arts Center in Ellensburg, looked at 914 total submissions. Paring down to just 167 pieces for the show was not an easy process for the jurors, “as there were inevitably some very good things not included,” says Sean. “It’s a subjective process. But despite the challenges, picking a show like this can be extremely rewarding. I looked for artworks that were well realized, that embodied beauty and/or intelligence, that were distinctly of this time or embodied a sense of timelessness.”


Kim Nogueira
Opening up my home to an honored guest

This beautiful wild bird was my teacher for almost a month, coming to me at death's door,  inviting me to remember a long-forgotten language buried deep within my body.  He flew across the entire room for the first time on the day of the eclipse, showing me that he was ready to go back to the shore and sea. After releasing him, I became a student of the wind so I would always be able to feel and hear the healing of his wings.

We are the embodiment of a paradox; we are the wounders and the healers.
— Linda Hogan
There are occasions when you can hear the mysterious language of the Earth, in water, or coming through the trees, emanating from the mosses, seeping through the undercurrents of the soil, but you have to be willing to wait and receive.
— John Hay
Kim Nogueira
At the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art

Exhibition times at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids MI for the show Here + Now, where three of my brooches are part of Janet Bond's Abandoned Margins exhibition, have been extended until May 14, so there is still time to see this extensive collection.

From the exhibition website:

"Here + Now, a series of solo exhibitions, performances and community events curated by UICA Exhibitions Curator, Heather Duffy, extends the opportunity presented by US IS THEM to emerging and mid-career African American visual artists, spoken word artists, curators, and performance artists. Here + Now includes newly created solo shows and a guest-curated group exhibition, as well as community events and educational programs.

Guest Curator, Janice Bond
Abandoned Margins: Policing the Black Female Body

Jan 27, 2017 – May 14, 2017

Janice Bond is a curator, interdisciplinary artist, and cultural producer specializing in arts and culture.  As a visual/multimedia artist, her original paintings, installations, and collective soundscapes focus on multidimensional human perspectives and identity, sacred geometry, sound frequencies, and indigenous fractal patterns found in various cultures and urban landscapes. In 2014, Bond opened Gallery ONI, a contemporary art gallery and cultural space located in Chicago, Illinois dedicated to promoting the work of women artists of color.  As featured guest curator for Here + Now, Bond will present a new iteration of Abandoned Margins: Policing the Black Female Body, which debuted at Chicago’s Woman Made Gallery in early 2016."

Kim Nogueira