"100 for one"

Late last year, goldsmith Peter D'Enbreau put out the call in a metal smithing Facebook group for contributions of links, that would be put together to form a chain showing different methods and levels of metal smithing.  Many people sent a fascinating array of links, myself included, and the chain became too long for an actual necklace, which was what it was supposed to be.  Almost 200 metal smiths made a link in their own personal style, from beginning metal smiths to highly skilled goldsmiths, and it is so beautiful! It was decided that the chain would be sold to raise funds for CERF, an organization which helps craftspeople who need assistance in the event of a catastrophe.  A write-up about the project is in the July issue of Lapidary Journal-Artist Magazine.

The link that I made is etched copper and silver, scored and fabricated.  It addresses both joy and confusion at the same time.  Joy at living in such an extraordinary time surrounded by so much beauty, and confusion as to why some would want to engage in practices that consistently destroy this beauty on a global level solely for monetary purposes to benefit a small amount of people. "Nalis" means thinker, but also when you rearrange the letters spells "nails".  "Septe" makes me think of September, or fall.  I think of the fall of Rome, another nail in the coffin.  I think of how I have seen intelligence mocked and looked down upon in our leaders and as a general trait.  "Mar" can be an ocean or the god of war, Mars.  Imagination -- the mermaid-- hope...

Kim Nogueira