ocean & stardust studio

In this era of mass-produced, machine-made, homogeneous and disposable jewelry, I offer the artist's perspective.

Singular works of art to wear and make you wonder, from a one-woman studio. A woman who found herself on a tropical island, where the rhythms of life are unhurried and it is easy to see that all of life is interconnected, precious, fragile and extraordinary. This ethos of open-ended journeys, connection, history and exploration is behind all of the work that I create in my eco-friendly ocean&stardust studio on the tiny island of St John.

 -Kim Nogueira, automaton maker and art jeweller

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Hold the map close to your face. Breathe into it and you will hear a river start.
— Greg kuzma
Map of Wonders signet ring

Sometimes we need a map to follow...

It is a slow process for me to unlearn the words and patterns of thought that I grew up with, media-driven and consumption-based, that no longer define me. Just the realization that this was an issue was a slow dawning. It took place over the course of a year, this awareness that my vocabulary lacked the words, and behind them their concepts and meanings, to explain how I was seeing the world around me.


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