Each time we remember
a piece of why we came to life
we pull the seeds of eternity
farther into the world
of time
-Michael Meade

Trapezoid copper panels drop from sterling ear wires, fused with vitreous glass enameled in my kiln at 1400 degrees. The image is from a photograph taken seaside, down the road from my home. I've finished the surface with a particularly challenging technique that has the crystalline look of new-fallen snow.  Two colorless diamonds nestle amidst the hand-fabricated coral branches. "Peace" and "within" ornament the reverse of the earrings.

-including the ear wire, these measure 5 cm long
-the enameled panel is 3.6 cm long; trapezoid is 7mm wide at the top and 1.6 cm wide at the bottom
-the silver coral details extend about 7mm from the enamel

model: Maia Ginther

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