The Illusion of Separation earrings

The Illusion of Separation earrings


once you have walked out into the clean air
toward that edge and taken the path up high
beyond the ordinary, you have become
the privileged and the pilgrim,
the one who will tell the story,
and the one, coming back
from the mountain,
who helped to make it.
-David Whyte

There are onion-skin layers of meaning in these earrings, some seemingly paradoxical. The union of self with other, the universe as a mirror, individual consciousness vs a unified field of consciousness. Shared with a smile and a lightness of being, and love for the extraordinary world around me. 

-sterling silver, copper, vitreous enamel
-including the earwire, they measure 4.1 cm long
-enamel panel is 3.3 cm long and 2 cm wide

model: Maia Ginther

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