Tarot card: the Fool

Tarot card: the Fool


The destination cannot be described, /  You will know very little until you get there;  / You will journey blind.   
                              T.S. Eliot

Trapezoid copper panels drop from sterling ear wires, fused with vitreous glass enameled in my kiln at 1400 degrees with antique images of the fool in tarot. I've finished the surface with a particularly challenging technique that has the crystalline look of new-fallen snow.  A yellow diamond set in 18k gold stands in for the sun in the Waite deck image, and a monkey, which I made from a mold of an antique toy, illuminates the upper part of the antique French tarot card image, opening you to the idea that connection to the natural world is your birthright. And there is a secret message for you on the back in silver setting...


3.6 cm long, 1.4 cm wide at the bottom and .8cm at the top, not including the sterling silver ear wire. With the ear wire included, they measure 4.7 cm long.

model: Maia Ginther

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