Kanyini is best expressed in English as the combination of the two words “Responsibility” and “Unconditional Love”, but it is actually a relationship; it is an enormous caring with no limit - it has no timeframe: it is eternal.
-Uncle Bob Randall, Aboriginal elder

made of: sterling silver, vintage lenticular vending toys
If you are not familiar with lenticulars, they show a different view of the image depending on the angle of viewing. One image morphs beautifully into the other as you move. I’ve tried to show this in the photographs but it is a challenge.
measurements: just over 1.25 inches long including the ear wire and half of an inch wide. The handmade ear wire can be fastened securely into a clip on the back of the earring.
process: fabrication, roll printing and patina

The lenticular toys are made of plastic, but they do have a paper backing, so it is best to not get these wet. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean.

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