La pluie d'or brooch

La pluie d'or brooch


She is “the personification of peace”, from an illustration several hundreds of years old, with hand-lettered text in Dutch and French. Golden drops of rain fall near her thigh. She is reminiscent of the mythical Danae, who was impregnated by a rain of gold from Zeus, later giving birth to Perseus. She is the sleeping giant, about to wake up.

This dual-hued brooch comes with a hardwood and copper display.

edition: one-of-a-kind
made of
: silver, copper, vitreous enamel, iron oxide transfer
measurements: The brooch measures 3.25 inches long and is just over 1.5 inches high.
process: The enameling process for making this brooch is labor-intensive. It involves laying layers of finely-ground glass onto the copper forms and firing them multiple times at very high temperatures in a kiln. Lots of protective gear involved at every step. Then I painstakingly gather, cut and arrange fragments of imagery from different eras in history and fuse them into the enamel to tell the stories we may have forgotten.

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