Illud Tempus bead: one slipper left behind

Illud Tempus bead: one slipper left behind


…we have come forth from the one ground of being as manifestations in the field of time. The field of time is a kind of shadow play over a timeless ground…
-Joseph Campbell

We are here to find that deeper dimension within ourselves that is deeper than thought.
-Eckhart Tolle

edition: one-of-a-kind
made of: silver, copper, vitreous enamel, iron oxide transfer
measurements: The cylinder measures one and 3/4ths inches high and is 7/8ths of an inch wide.
chain: The sterling silver chain is 24 inches long, so this goes right over the head, and includes a sterling lobster clasp. Please let me know if you would prefer a different length.
process: The enameling process for making this pendant is labor-intensive. It involves laying layers of finely-ground glass onto the copper forms and firing them multiple times at very high temperatures in a kiln. Then I painstakingly gather, cut and arrange tiny fragments of text and imagery from many different eras in history and fuse them into the enamel to tell the stories we may have forgotten.

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