Icarus earrings

Icarus earrings


I have a stash of warped and twisted copper debris that Hurricane Irma left in our yard last year, which used to be a neighbor’s rooftop hot water collector. A perfect material for Icarus earrings :)

An amazing dream surrounds me
I am walking along releasing birds
everything I touch is within me
and I have lost all limitations
Jean Tardieu, 1943

made of: silver, copper, vitreous enamel, iron oxide transfer
measurements: with the ear wire, they are almost 2 inches long. the enameled cone itself is just over 1.25 inches long and about a half of an inch at its widest.
process: The enameling process for making these earrings is labor-intensive. It involves laying layers of finely-ground glass onto the copper forms and firing them multiple times at very high temperatures in a kiln. Lots of protective gear involved at every step!

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