Dreaming the world

Dreaming the world


Question: How are we to treat others?
Ramana Maharshi: There are no others.

I made this assortment of four earrings while observing the current paradigm of separation as it disintegrates around us. They offer a talismanic tool to use for contemplating a possible non-dual alternative narrative. Language connects us to our past and present shared humanity and is crucial to how we construct our future. Our vocabulary wields extraordinary power: it can restrict us to a profoundly limiting, destructive and stagnating framework, where the past keeps repeating itself, or it can give shape to wondrous multi-dimensional possibilities and new worlds, where imagination and cooperation and creation go hand in hand.

I am. I see. I see you. I am you.

Dimensions and details:
--vitreous enamel over copper with iron oxide transfers and overglaze colors set in sterling silver individualized shrine prong settings
-- the letters are several hundred years old, from a children’s alphabet from the 1700’s
--enameled panels are about 1 inch high and .75 inch wide
--approximately 2 inches in length total, including the ear wire
--all have a hook to clip the ear wire into
--all have the Czeslaw Milosz quote on the backs:
”When the letter falls out of the book of laws,
Then consciousness is naked as an eye.”

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