We are the music makers

We are the music makers


We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams --Arthur O'Shaughnessy

Our music is a beautiful way to share emotion and self-expression, and it is the music of the natural world that makes this possible--buzzing, growls, chirps, rustling and peeps--this wondrous symphony envelopes us with life. This mechanical memento mori encourages us to envision a paradigm that celebrates, respects and protects our biodiverse planet.

I want this

Are you curious about the details of this piece, and what happens when you turn the crank? Scroll down to watch the video.

dimensions: 2.25 inches high x 1.25 inches wide x just over 1/2 an inch thick

materials: silver, 24K, stainless steel, bronze, rhodolite garnet

process: This was constructed entirely by my hand using reclaimed silver in the form of metal clay, combined with traditional bench fabrication stone setting techniques. The narrative figures you see here came from molds that I made of vintage buttons and toys from my extensive collection. There is a tiny angel on a side panel with 24K wings--I fused thin layers of solid gold to the silver using an ancient Korean fusing method that is called keum-boo.

See the above video for a better idea of what happens when you turn the crank!