Custom Order Eyes of Truth necklace--final payment

Custom Order Eyes of Truth necklace--final payment


I made this pendant as a reminder to myself to trust in my heart's's so easy to get knocked off course or even worse, fall asleep...

Such a help to have a talisman that you can interact with! As you turn the crank, the small fortune teller looks down at a crystal ball made of rose-hued tourmaline and then looks up at you wonderingly, as if to say, "I see what is in your heart, do you know what is there? Look! Look deeply!", he insists. 

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A tiny fortune teller dangles from the end of the 23 inch sterling silver chain that I fabricated of sterling wire, each link cut, soldered and shaped by hand. The clasp can be hooked into any of the links, making the chain adjustable. This little mechanical marvel is formed and fabricated of sterling, fine silver and brass and will arrive in a simple wooden box, made of sustainably-harvested maple or birch by a Missouri craftsman.

Approximate dimensions:  this small treasure is 1.75 inches tall including the bail and is one inch wide and just over 5/8ths of an inch thick.

I always offer a refund if the piece doesn't work for you: jewelry is sometimes challenging to buy never having tried it on, so I offer a refund (unfortunately not for shipping) if you return the item in unworn condition within 7 days of having received it. Contact me for return shipping details.

Please take a look at the video above as I turn the crank on the Eyes of Truth mechanical pendant; all will be revealed!