Opening night

Thank you so much to those who came to enjoy artwork at Bajo el Sol Gallery this past Friday night. Patty Tacquard was showing her gorgeous oils and I had new enameled art jewelry to share. One of my best friends, William Stelzer, took these photos; he's an AP photographer, videographer and all-around amazingly talented person and I thank him very much for chronicling this event .


All set up and waiting for guests to arrive--enjoying some Charles Eisenstein.

A close-up of my mechanical "Alms box for Mother Earth" necklace. It's fun to wear automaton jewelry!

Katha asked about my necklace, and will be filling Tom and Livy Hitchcock's gallery with her beautiful flute music very soon.

Peering into my case with one of my favorite people in the world...

Some of the backs of the pendants have tiny words on them so the magnifying glass is helpful.

Katha came wearing one of my Wayfarer necklaces!

Enjoying Patty Tacquard's incredible oils--unique perspectives, gorgeous colors, timeless...

One of my displays.

A best friend and long-time collector has arrived all the way from Coral Bay!

Showing gallery owner Livy and environmental lawyer Gail what happens when you pull the monkey levers--toy soldiers raise their arms with golden heart coins to deposit into the "Alms box for Mother Earth".


Showing Gail a brooch that I made in collaboration with photographer William Stelzer.

Kim Nogueira