An Evening with the Artists at Kimberly Boulon Fine Arts Gallery

I just got back from dropping off the small automaton pendant that I made for Kimberly's show tomorrow night. Walking into the gallery, I was mesmerized by Kimberly's oil paintings, and delighted by the pottery, light sculpture, stone sculpture and goldsmithing by other amazing St John artists. I'm so honored to be among this group! Tomorrow night will be fun--it's not just a showing of 2 and 3 dimensional art, but there will also be performance art and food and drink amazingness by local culinary and beverage geniuses.

Kimberly was setting up when I arrived with my automaton pendant, and this was the only free space to place it. Entitled "Only this actual moment is life", it's a quiet, contemplative piece with its own display and it celebrates craft using locally sourced materials.

Kim Nogueira