An art opening St John-style...

I shared the spotlight on the evening of Jan 2 with Karen Samuel at Bajo el Sol Gallery here on St John. Karen presented her gorgeous oil paintings and I showed my wearable automata and jewelry. If you've never been to St John in the US Virgin Islands, this will give you an idea of what an art opening looks like island-style!  William Stelzer, among other things an AP photographer, took these images, brilliantly capturing the small moments that make up an evening of art. Thank you Bill!

I provide a magnifying glass (my mother-in-law's idea!) for better viewing of the miniscule detail in my small automatons.

I'm looking at my piece "I search for a memory so ancient we have lost the words for it". When you turn the crank, the little caveman's mouth opens and closes. Will I be able to hear what he is saying to me?

I'm operating my Prayer Box for Mother Earth for a fellow artist at the gallery. I wonder if some of them think they are on Candid Camera when I see their look of surprise when things start moving inside as I turn the crank!

Fellow gallery artist Larry Lipsky, known for his kinetic art, was the only one who came close to figuring out how I made my magician perform his magic trick...

Chatting with the Steins, a delightful couple!

The crowd at Bajo el Sol Gallery's opening

The wonderful crowd here at Bajo el Sol; such a supportive community for the arts!

Sharing a moment of hilarity with Nancy and goldsmith Michael Banzhaf!

Guitarist David Lamb delights the crowd with his strumming!

Karen Samuel is a master at all forms of painting, in addition to work with fabric. I'm pretty sure she did pen and inks last year for our opening. This year it is oils. Her work hangs in public and private spaces all over St John and beyond.

The courtyard down below the gallery.

My husband and I, ready to go home after a fun evening of sharing art!

Kim Nogueira