The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange 2014

Kim and Lisa's jewelry exchange

Over the summer, goldsmith Olga Raben initiated what she thought would be only a small project--pairing up interested jewelry artists from around the world, and having them exchange a piece of their jewelry.  Interest was tremendous however, and over 350 metalsmiths and jewelry artists from around the world participated in the exhibition, which can be viewed here:  The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange.  Or purchase the BOOK!

I had the great honor of meeting Saul Bell finalist Lisa Cain, my partner in this exhibition.  She is a metal clay artist and teacher whose work I have loved ever since I started working with the material and researched what was being made with it.  In addition to the lovely conversations we had, we also videotaped each other opening the jewelry that we made for each other. I was crying watching her video opening the box that I sent to her, and I was crying opening the package that she sent to me! It was a very meaningful connection for me, one that caused me to pause as I studied the intricate and perfect workmanship in the brooch that she made for me.  I thought perhaps my work could use more of that, and I feel that this led to a profound change in my making.  Thank you Lisa!

Kim Nogueira