Different Developments exhibition

 For this group show at Bajo el Sol Gallery here on St John, showcasing art using different photographic techniques,  I made enameled work using iron oxide transfers of my photographs, as well some pieces using antique tintype photographs as narrative backgrounds for my storytelling jewelry.  I have 3 cases dotting different areas in the gallery, each telling different stories.

Ocean and stardust earrings by Kim Nogueira


Ocean and stardust earrings; sterling, fine silver, shell, antique tintype photograph


Shoreline memory by Kim Nogueira; silver, enamel, shell, quartz, beach rock

Shoreline memory; silver, beach rock, cowrie, quartz, vitreous enamel

Kim Nogueira at the Different Developments exhibition

Sharing the story with a gallery visitor!

Kim Nogueira at the Different Developments exhibition

Me with the smallest of my three cases :)

Kim Nogueira
At the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art

Exhibition times at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids MI for the show Here + Now, where three of my brooches are part of Janet Bond's Abandoned Margins exhibition, have been extended until May 14, so there is still time to see this extensive collection.

From the exhibition website:

"Here + Now, a series of solo exhibitions, performances and community events curated by UICA Exhibitions Curator, Heather Duffy, extends the opportunity presented by US IS THEM to emerging and mid-career African American visual artists, spoken word artists, curators, and performance artists. Here + Now includes newly created solo shows and a guest-curated group exhibition, as well as community events and educational programs.

Guest Curator, Janice Bond
Abandoned Margins: Policing the Black Female Body

Jan 27, 2017 – May 14, 2017

Janice Bond is a curator, interdisciplinary artist, and cultural producer specializing in arts and culture.  As a visual/multimedia artist, her original paintings, installations, and collective soundscapes focus on multidimensional human perspectives and identity, sacred geometry, sound frequencies, and indigenous fractal patterns found in various cultures and urban landscapes. In 2014, Bond opened Gallery ONI, a contemporary art gallery and cultural space located in Chicago, Illinois dedicated to promoting the work of women artists of color.  As featured guest curator for Here + Now, Bond will present a new iteration of Abandoned Margins: Policing the Black Female Body, which debuted at Chicago’s Woman Made Gallery in early 2016."

My friend's Aunt Teresa attended the show and shared some of her images with me:

Here and Now exhibit4.JPG
Here + Now show at the UICA
Here + Now show at the UICA
Here + Now show at UICA
the crowd at the Here + Now show at the UICA
from the Here + Now exhibit at the UICA
from the Here + Now exhibit at the UICA
Kim Nogueira
My work will be shown in France!

It is true that the professor of my high school senior French class called us all "tres stupides", and it has been difficult for me to speak out loud in the language since then. However, speaking skills will not be necessary for my work to spend time in France! Five pieces have arrived at the Pole Bijou Gallery safely and will be among work by an esteemed group of innovative international metal clay artists. Let me share the invitation here. Click on the image for more information, although it will be in French :)

Kim Nogueira
Eye candy at the Florida Society of Goldsmith's juried national exhibition "Storytelling in Metal"

For the last month and a half of 2016, this wonderful exhibition was shown at the Morean Arts Center in St Petersburg, Florida. Juried by goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain, the selections widened the scope of possibilities for meaning in metalsmithing and jewelry. Two of my pieces were included, and one garnered a third place award!

Metamorphosis: Toy for a new Paradigm; copper, silver, 18k, vitreous enamel, vintage lenticular; handmade chain; 2016

Interbeing: Toy for a new Paradigm; silver, bronze, brass, stainless steel; handmade chain; 2014


See the exhibition finalists here:

Kim Nogueira
Octopus love

Just finished: silver and vitreous enamel ring. The quote on the back:

Those who are willing to be vulnerable move among mysteries.
— Theodore Roethke
Kim Nogueira
Opening night

Thank you so much to those who came to enjoy artwork at Bajo el Sol Gallery this past Friday night. Patty Tacquard was showing her gorgeous oils and I had new enameled art jewelry to share. One of my best friends, William Stelzer, took these photos; he's an AP photographer, videographer and all-around amazingly talented person and I thank him very much for chronicling this event .


All set up and waiting for guests to arrive--enjoying some Charles Eisenstein.

A close-up of my mechanical "Alms box for Mother Earth" necklace. It's fun to wear automaton jewelry!

Katha asked about my necklace, and will be filling Tom and Livy Hitchcock's gallery with her beautiful flute music very soon.

Peering into my case with one of my favorite people in the world...

Some of the backs of the pendants have tiny words on them so the magnifying glass is helpful.

Katha came wearing one of my Wayfarer necklaces!

Enjoying Patty Tacquard's incredible oils--unique perspectives, gorgeous colors, timeless...

One of my displays.

A best friend and long-time collector has arrived all the way from Coral Bay!

Showing gallery owner Livy and environmental lawyer Gail what happens when you pull the monkey levers--toy soldiers raise their arms with golden heart coins to deposit into the "Alms box for Mother Earth".


Showing Gail a brooch that I made in collaboration with photographer William Stelzer.

Kim Nogueira
April opening


From the press release for this week's opening:

"My jewelry comes from a place of profound connection with the earth, something I am only beginning to understand after making the commitment to walk on the shoreline every morning as a form of meditation. I am in awe of how beautifully interconnected the web of life is that we are all a part of."

I'll be showing work in metal, glass enamel and stones; still lots of work to do to finish the pieces up!


Kim Nogueira
A peek into my studio

In between wedding band orders, collaboration projects, getting images ready for potential inclusion in a book, custom automaton orders and making work for an upcoming opening, I fire up my kiln and sneak in some enameling as much as possible!

Kim Nogueira
Opening night

You still have a chance to see a juried collection of the most innovative enamelwork in the world-- the Enamelist Society's Alchemy 3 exhibit--opening tonight at the League of NH Craftsmen's gallery in Concord, NH. Nestled in amongst all of the glass and metal treasures are 2 of my automaton pendants from my "for Mother Earth" series--truly an honor!

Kim Nogueira
in the neighborhood...

Right in front of my house is an area in the road that becomes a small watering hole when it rains. Pigeons and doves stop by and every now and then, an elderly tortoise. He is a gulper!

Kim Nogueira
A family reunion

Almost 30 family members came from all corners of the world for a week-long reunion here on St John recently. Some of us, like me, did not have to travel very far. It was a very happy week connecting with my beautiful family!

A perfect day of boating in the BVI's!

Snorkeling in the BVI's!

Lunch in the BVI's!

Kim Nogueira
A gift

When I find the West Indian top shells on my morning beach walks, I like to relocate them to a spot just back from the beach where the hermit crabs assemble--these shells are always gone when I come the next day so I know that a hermit crab has upgraded to a new home. On the beach today, along with the shells for the hermit crabs was one for me, a ring. Thank you beautiful beach!

Kim Nogueira
Alchemy 3 Enamel Exhibition at the Krikorian Gallery in Worcester, MA

I wish that I could see this wonderful exhibit again, especially since it is in my hometown's backyard almost. But I am back home on St John now so I can only recommend highly that you go and see it--the scope and variety of forms, colors, sizes and textures that you will see are unexpected and astounding. And with two of my enameled mechanical pendants nestled in amongst these treasures, I am quite honored! According to the website, it runs from Sept 3 through Oct 17. For more information, the gallery's website is here

Kim Nogueira
Alchemy 3: The 15th Biennial International Juried ENamel Exhibition

Two of my mechanical pieces can be seen in the Enamelist Society's juried biennial international Alchemy 3 exhibition. They are lying between the work of two of my favorite enamelists--Amy Roper Lyons and Harlan Butt. The ladies checking out the exhibition here are new friends and talented enamelists themselves! This exhibit of over 60 enameled works of art including jewelry, wall art, vessels and clothing is traveling to several galleries throughout the next few months--The Worcester Center for Crafts, The NH League of Craftsmen and the McGowan Fine Art Gallery. Check it out if you are in the New England area, it is well worth the trip. If you cannot attend, the exhibition catalog is available for sale here

Kim Nogueira
The Enamelist Society Conference

Getting the chance to meet other makers/enamelists was one of the highlights of attending the Enamelist Society Conference in Beverly, Massachusetts in early August. In the photo above, I am dining with Terry Gay Puckett and Kathryn Craig, two very talented and beautiful new enamelist friends. We are enjoying the The Organic Cafe, which serves a 95% organic menu!

A trip to the Fuller Craft Museum to see "Little dreams in glass and metal", an incredible decades-spanning exhibition of enameled works, was organized for the conference attendees.  If you have the chance to go, don't pass it up!

I am standing with Delia Dante of FireFusion Studio , who is well known for her large, gorgeous custom and commissioned welded work and her skills as an enamel educator. If you are in the Boise Idaho area, check out her studio and gallery, where she teaches classes. Not only is she incredibly talented but she is a really nice person too!

Note the haunting blue brooch I am wearing that was made by one of my favorite enamel artists, Anne Dinan. I won it in the silent auction :)

Kim Nogueira
an afternoon snorkel
The deep parts of my life pour onward, as if the river shores were opening out. I feel closer to what language can’t reach. With my senses, as with birds, I climb into the windy heaven...in the ponds broken off from the sky...
— Rainer Maria Rilke
Kim Nogueira
Celebrating World Turtle Day

Today is World Turtle Day, a day to celebrate and encourage respect for these gentle and marvelous creatures. Every time I see a red-footed tortoise while I am walking or an endangered hawksbill or green sea turtle when I am snorkeling, I am happy and in awe. I finished this pendant today to honor my turtle friends.

For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth.

Henry Beston, The Outermost House, 1928
Kim Nogueira